Medical Billing Services for Student Health Centers

Medical Billing Services for Student Health Centers

Determining whether your college or university should bill commercial insurance carriers is a complex decision. That’s where Nuesoft can help. Whether you choose to outsource your medical billing to us, or to work with our qualified medical billing consultants to set up an in house program, we can relieve the human resource, administrative and regulatory burdens of medical billing.

Our program is not only uncomplicated and affordable, but our fee structure is designed around pay for performance. You simply continue to provide the same level of service and programs for your students, but gain financial stability and flexibility in today’s challenging economic environment.

Benefits of medical billing services for student health centers

  • Generate your own revenue source
  • Maintain current levels of service despite budget cutbacks
  • Expand the range of services offered to students
  • Add needed technology, medical supplies and resources
  • Avoid annual increases in student health fees

Free Revenue Cycle Assessment

For more information, watch our campus biling services commercial, starring a few of Nuesoft’s own employees.