Medical Billing Services for Student Health Centers

Medical Billing Consulting Services for Student Health Centers

For student health centers that have the capacity and capabilities to begin a billing program, but want added security and access to resources, Nuesoft offers a robust consulting service.

Our staff is comprised of medical billing and coding professionals with backgrounds in business and medical office management who understand the complex and dynamic world of insurance reimbursement, which includes the many proprietary clinical guidelines and protocols of individual payers.

Let us help with:

  • Analysis of your student’s insurance payer mix to ensure an understanding of plans that you will be billing and projected reimbursement.
  • Measures and benchmarking about payer trends; write-offs; collections, and charges; and other key performance metrics.
  • Systems and workflow redesign and assessment of business processes.
  • Coaching and training about clean claim filing, correct coding techniques, and other best practices that come from years of experience in the medical billing industry.

If you are interested in setting up medical billing services at your student health center but do not have the resources to manage this in-house, click here to learn more about our outsourcing services.

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