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Washington DC's Non-Profit Mary's Center Chooses NueMD as their Medical Practice Management Software of Choice.

ATLANTA - Nuesoft Technologies, a leading provider of health management systems, is proud to announce that they have been chosen to implement NueMD, a complete internet-based medical practice management software solution, at the Mary's Center located in Washington DC.

As a growing non-profit organization, Mary's Center recognized the need to introduce a powerful software solution capable of maintaining data and organizing the clinic. They spent several months evaluating software packages before deciding on NueMD. Maria Templeton, the Manager of Information Systems at Mary's Center commented, "After an extensive search we have selected NueMD as our medical practice management solution of choice. The initial systems we reviewed were outrageously expensive and couldn't compete with NueMD's functionality. NueMD is offered at a reasonable rate and the system fulfills all of the requirements of our busy clinic."

Massoud Alibakhsh, Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO, said, "Mary's Center gives Nuesoft a unique opportunity to showcase NueMD in a non-profit environment. Our technology can help an organization like Mary's Center by offering first class software at an affordable rate. The people at Mary's Center have been providing a much-needed service to the Washington DC community for over a decade. We are delighted to be working with them."

About Mary's Center

Mary's Center was established in 1988 with joint funding from the DC Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs and the DC Commission of Public Health to address the demand for divish-speaking maternal and pediatric services in the predominately Latino areas of Ward One. Today, the Center serves a multicultural population residing in every Ward of the city, with a focus on families who work in jobs where health insurance is not available. The Center's mission is to provide holistic and culturally responsive health care to women and their families, recognizing the critical importance of the women's social environment and emotional well-being.

About Nuesoft Technologies

Nuesoft Technologies, an Application Service Provider of top tier medical management and medical billing solutions, strives to revolutionize the way doctors manage their practices. Started in the Atlanta Technology Development Center (ATDC) in 1993, Nuesoft products have ensured the care of over 1 million patients around the US. NueMD is Nuesoft's Internet-based medical practice management software solution designed to automate and streamline office operations. NueMD is a comprehensive state of the art practice management solution providing seamless connectivity with healthcare transaction processing services, and advanced, easy to use analytical tools.