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Nuesoft Technologies Unveils Nuesoft Xpress, A Powerful New Health Center Practice Management Solution for Small to Mid-Size College Health Centers

ATLANTA - Nuesoft Technologies, the leading provider of software for college health centers, announces its newest product offering for this market.

Nuesoft Xpress is an Internet based management solution designed specifically for small to mid-size student health centers. Developed using the JAVA platform from Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW - News), Nuesoft Xpress is completely platform independent and uses the latest Internet technology to run seamlessly on Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL - News) iMacs, PCs using Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT - News) operating systems, or the Linux OS from Redhat (NASDAQ:RHAT - News).

Nuesoft Xpress is tailored to meet the needs of small college health centers that require an affordable and customizable solution. With the release of Nuesoft Xpress, Nuesoft becomes the only vendor providing management software to this traditionally underserved market segment.

The Internet based application utilizes Nuesoft's patent pending technology to run faster and with a higher degree of security than other web-based services. "This is very important for student health centers, which operate in an environment that is viewed as mission critical with no time for the delays and shortcomings associated with the worldwide Web," said Massoud Alibakhsh, Nuesoft's President and CEO.

Coming out of the gate strong, Nuesoft already has over twenty colleges across the country up and running on this new system. Rita Woolf from Arkansas Tech University's Health and Wellness Center was overjoyed by the changes she saw in their health center. "Before we started using Nuesoft Xpress, we were doing everything with pencil and paper. With the software I can have my monthly reports complete and in the VP's office in a fraction of the time it used to take. We can also get a bird's eye view of our schedules and appointments. Having the immunizations on the computer is a great convenience when students come in for their records."

About Nuesoft Technologies, Inc.

Nuesoft Technologies, Inc. strives to revolutionize the way physicians and practice administrators manage their operations. Nuesoft Xpress is a full-featured ASP-based practice management solution for university health centers and has played a role in the care of over 600,000 student-patients. In addition, Nuesoft recently released NueMD, the first-to-market Internet solution for physician practice management offering a full-range of workflow automation features, seamless connectivity with healthcare transaction processing services, and advanced, easy-to-use analytical tools. Atlanta-based Nuesoft was founded in February 1993 and is privately held.