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Nuesoft's Internet based Physician Practice Management Aims to Reduce Missed Doctor's Appointments by 30% with TeleVox

ATLANTA – Today, Nuesoft Technologies announced a strategic partnership with TeleVox Software, Inc. to offer their physician clients an automated appointment reminders feature. Seamlessly integrated into NueMD, TeleVox's appointment reminders will allow physicians to see more patients and make more money.

Developed using the JAVA platform from Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), NueMD is a completely platform independent medical practice management system that uses the latest Internet technology to run seamlessly on PCs using Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows operating systems, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) OS X, or the Linux OS from Redhat (NASDAQ:RHAT).

Nuesoft CEO, Massoud Alibakhsh commented: "Integrated patient appointment reminders is another step toward accomplishing our vision for an intelligent physician practice management. Our technological platform allows us to continuously integrate other services valuable to physicians into NueMD and make them available at an affordable pay-per-use pricing model. Partnerships like this one are a prime example of the power of our ASP solution."

The system automatically calls patients who have appointments and stores the responses to each call. Patients can cancel with notice, leaving time to schedule others in their place, saving the office time & frustration. Patients receive their reminders in the evening, when they are most likely to be home. Results of the previous day's calls will be waiting for the user, within NueMD, each morning.

"It comes down to the numbers. If a practice management system can reduce the number of missed appointments, the practice will make more money. We've demonstrated that, with our appointment reminders, the number of missed appointments can be decreased by 30%. Best of all, there is no additional effort required because the feature is integrated with the NueMD Scheduler", stated TeleVox's CEO, Neil Armentrout.

About Nuesoft Technologies, Inc.

Nuesoft's patent pending NueMD(TM) is the first-to-market Internet solution for medical practice management offering a full-range of workflow automation features, seamless connectivity with healthcare transaction processing services, and advanced, easy-to-use analytical tools. Atlanta-based Nuesoft was founded in February 1993 and is privately held.

About TeleVox Software, Inc.

TeleVox is a leading developer and host of telephony-based, web-enabled, communication solutions. TeleVox has established a worldwide presence in over 5,000 practices by hosting and installing interactive communications platforms. TeleVox delivers over 800,000 messages and automated surveys via telephonic and electronic means everyday.