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Nuesoft Technologies Releases Latest Version of NueMD Online Physician Practice Management Software

ATLANTA, GA - (Market Wire) - January 27, 2004 - Nuesoft Technologies today introduced NueMD™ 3.0, the latest release of the most comprehensive, Internet-based physician practice management solution available. Using innovative technology, NueMD 3.0 streamlines the patient care cycle from start to finish by simplifying everyday office administration tasks and putting clinical care information at the doctor's fingertips. The newest version offers an easy-to-use application with quick, secured-access to practice operations from anywhere, at any time.

NueMD is a fully functional online software system established on the application service provider (ASP) model. NueMD is specifically designed to use the Internet as its operating environment, making it dramatically different from traditional software packages that have been re-engineered to be Web-enabled. Developed using the JAVA platform from Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), NueMD is a completely platform independent medical practice management system that uses the latest Internet technology to run seamlessly on PCs using Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows operating systems, Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) OS X, or the Linux OS from Red Hat (NASDAQ:RHAT).

“Nuesoft continues to find new ways to simplify the work of our clients and offer physicians superior technology that will greatly impact their bottom line,” says Massoud Alibakhsh, Nuesoft's founder, president, and CEO. “NueMD is a new model for doing business in the healthcare industry. By providing consistent upgrades, enhancements and data backups, NueMD 3.0 allows physicians and their staff to increase the productivity and efficiency of their office – all without negatively impacting office operations.”

Developed specifically for doctor's offices, NueMD 3.0 maximizes revenue and efficiency within a practice. For doctor's facing declining reimbursement, HIPAA, increasing malpractice premiums, staff turnover, workforce shortages, and mounting pressure from more informed, proactive patients, cost and functionality are essential components of an effective software solution. NueMD 3.0 allows physicians to regain control and efficiently balance payer's demands with patients' needs.

Physicians can install NueMD within minutes directly through their Web browser. Once installed, NueMD is permanently downloaded to the user's hard drive, eliminating slow loading times and Web traffic. NueMD minimizes disruption to the physician practice through innovative automation tools and real time patient insurance eligibility verification. In addition, online training is available through distance learning as well as a live technical support option accessible from anywhere in the system.

About Nuesoft Technologies

Nuesoft's patent pending NueMD is the first-to-market Internet solution for physician practice management and medical billing offering a full-range of workflow automation features, seamless connectivity with healthcare transaction processing services, and advanced, easy-to-use analytical tools. Atlanta-based Nuesoft Technologies was founded in February 1993 and is privately held.