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Nuesoft Technologies Announces the Addition of the World-Reach Dominican Medical Mission

Most Recent NueMD® Client Marks Company's International Expansion

ATLANTA - Nuesoft Technologies today announced the addition of the World-Reach Dominican Medical Mission (MIMED) to its rapidly growing client list. The mission, a new medical facility located in the Dominican Republic, marks the international expansion of Nuesoft and its NueMD™ practice management software.

"As a country in the developing world, the Dominican Republic is filled with citizens who are extremely impoverished and greatly in need of basic medical services and dental care," said Dr. Mark Brown, the director of the MIMED facility in San Cristobol. "NueMD will enable us to serve the hundreds of patients that we see every week with more efficiency and excellence than our former manual system."

Brown and other World-Reach staff point to NueMD's patented, Internet-based technology as an ideal way to address the challenge of operating multi-national medical offices. Nuesoft is an application service provider (ASP), and delivers its NueMD practice management software over the Internet using a high-speed connection. Because NueMD runs as a Java application -- not through a computer's Web browser -- the NueMD application and all related patient data are hidden behind an additional layer of protection, guaranteeing clients' security and HIPAA-compliance.

"When we considered practice management software solutions for World-Reach, we were most concerned with flexibility, security and price," said World-Reach Associate Director Kari Proppe. "We needed a system that would allow both the doctors on site, as well as those of us in the Christ Church headquarters in New Jersey, to access patient records at any time in a secure environment. And, with a low operating budget, we could not afford to spend a fortune on this type of solution. NueMD was the practice management software that best met all of our needs."

World-Reach is the mission program of New Jersey-based Christ Church. The program was founded in 2000 by Dr. David Ireland to address spiritual, educational, leadership and humanitarian needs worldwide. The group plans to use its Dominican Republic operation as a prototype for its missions around the globe.

"We're extremely pleased to have World-Reach as a new client," said Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO, Massoud Alibakhsh. "Our expansion into the Dominican Republic reflects our commitment to delivering affordable practice management solutions to all types of communities, regardless of their location. NueMD is the perfect way to bridge those gaps."

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