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Advance Communication Inc. Chooses NueMD® Practice Management System

Newest Client Extends Nuesoft Technologies’ Reach Beyond the Health Care Sector

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies has added Advance Communication as its newest client. The Barcelona, Spain-based executive training and development business represents Nuesoft’s first customer outside of the health care arena.

“Advance Communication’s interest in NueMD illustrates the versatility of our product,” said Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO Massoud Alibakhsh. “While NueMD has been designed with a medical practice in mind, many of its features – such as scheduling, appointment tracking or ticketing – can meet the office management needs of companies in a variety of industries.”

Advance Communication teaches company executives English language and other business skills they need to communicate effectively in the international corporate world. The company’s management team sought a software system that would give Advance’s 12 employees remote access to the training schedule, as well as offer enough flexibility to track the appointment status and to record session activity of up to 800 executives.

“We did quite a bit of research to identify a software solution to help us manage our business,” said Advance Communication Accounts Director Albert Fisher. “When we came across NueMD, it occurred to us that many of our scheduling and client tracking needs mirror those of a medical practice. With NueMD’s flexibility and ease of use, we have been able to tailor a learning management system that supports our business objectives.”

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Nuesoft Technologies Inc. provides practice management solutions and medical billing software for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers. Established in 1993 at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s acclaimed Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), the company delivered the first platform independent medical software program to the medical community. Currently, Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base, with more than 3,000 medical providers covering 46 specialties across 46 states, as well as an international presence. Nuesoft also serves as an independent clearinghouse, and processes more than 2 million electronic data transactions per year. For more information, visit or call (800) 401-7422.