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Nuesoft Technologies Launches New Program for Medical Billing Schools

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies has introduced a program that offers medical billing schools free use of its NueMD™ medical practice management software system. The Billing Edu cation Software Training (BEST) program gives instructors a hands-on training tool for students studying collections, billing, submissions, electronic data interface (EDI) posting, and other billing-related functions.

“Our physician client base has expressed the need to have access to qualified staff candidates who are up to speed on the newest billing technologies,” said Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO Massoud Alibakhsh. “And, billing professionals need to be aware of tools that will help them effectively handle insurance reimbursement and third-party billing. Nuesoft created the BEST program to address both of those needs.”

NueMD’s practice management solution is delivered over the Internet using a high speed connection. Because of this delivery method, NueMD is platform independent, and can be used by multiple users in multiple locations. This format is conducive to an educational facility that might have several locations, use varying operating systems, or require students to work on billing projects outside of the classroom environment.

Great Oaks Institute of Technology and Career Development in Cincinnati is one of the first participants in the BEST program.

“We are excited to be using NueMD for our training facilities,” said Certified Professional Coder Cheryl Carrier, who is an adult education instructor at Great Oaks. “It is very important for students to use a billing software program in a classroom setting so that they can get the practical experience that they will need to prepare them for their careers. And NueMD’s ease of use makes it a perfect fit for our needs.”

For additional information about Nuesoft’s BEST program, please contact (800) 401-7422.

About Nuesoft

Nuesoft Technologies Inc. provides practice management solutions and medical billing software for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers. Established in 1993 at the Georgia Institute of Technology’s acclaimed Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), the company delivered the first platform independent medical software program to the medical community. Currently, Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base, with more than 3,000 medical providers covering 46 specialties across 47 states, as well as an international presence. Nuesoft also serves as an independent clearinghouse, and processes more than 2 million electronic data transactions per year.