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Nuesoft Technologies Kicks Off EMR Partnership Program

Strategic Alliance with AdvantaChart Creates Integrated Practice Management and EMR Solution for Medical Practices

ATLANTA - Nuesoft Technolgies, Inc. has launched an EMR Partnership Program to offer an integrated Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and practice management product. AdvantaChart, Inc., an EMR provider specific to the Obstetrics and Gynecology specialty, marks the program's first participant.

Nuesoft developed its EMR Partnership Program for practices seeking a customized, specialty-specific EMR. By linking its Internet-based NueMD® and Nuesoft Xpress practice management products to a variety of robust EMR applications that share Nuesoft's commitment to customer service, the company is able to provide physicians with a best of breed solution.

"In order to keep a unique competitive edge, companies whose focus is the development of clinical applications cannot afford to expend their resources to handle the administrative and complex reimbursement and financial management side of a medical practice," said Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO Massoud Alibakhsh. "Likewise, practice management solution providers do not readily possess specialty specific proficiency on the clinical side. Our EMR Partnership Program is a win-win because it combines the resources of two different technology companies to create a marketplace solution for physicians."

The EMR Partnership Program includes a certified interface based on Health Level 7 (HL7) standards between both products, as well as ongoing communication between the product development teams. To maximize its reach in the marketplace, Nuesoft is seeking relationships with EMR vendors in a variety of medical specialties.

"The partnership between NueMD and AdvantaChart is a championship win for our physician clients," said AdvantaChart Vice President of Sales and Marketing Kimberly Maddox. "They get the connectivity and currency necessary to improve cashflow and collections from NueMD and the security and simplicity needed to attain optimum results from electronic medical records using AdvantaChart."

For more information about Nuesoft's EMR Partnership Program, contact (800) 401-7422, ext. 1, or visit

About Nuesoft Technologies
Nuesoft Technologies Inc. provides medical practice management and medical billing software solutions for physicians' offices, billing companies and university health centers. Established in 1993 at the Georgia Institute of Technology's acclaimed Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), the company became an immediate success by delivering the first platform independent medical software program to the medical community. Currently Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base, with more than 3,000 medical providers covering 47 specialties across 49 states, as well as an international presence. Nuesoft also serves as an independent clearinghouse, and processes 2 million claims transactions per year. For more information, visit or call (800) 401-7422.

About AdvantaChart
AdvantaChart, Inc., is a Louisville-based company specializing in an electronic medical records application for physician practices. This easy to use, Windows-based system helps offices become more efficient while saving valuable time and money. The mission of the company is to advocate for the needs of the small group practice by increasing efficiency, reducing error, and enhancing service in physician's offices with the use of novel technologies. For more information visit