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Nuesoft Technologies Expands Reseller Program With New VAR Plus Plan

ATLANTANuesoft Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of its new VAR Plus plan – an extension of its Authorized Agent program for resellers of the NueMD® medical billing software. Designed to give resellers more control and flexibility, the VAR Plus designation offers an innovative compensation structure and the opportunity to sell a one- stop clinical and administrative solution.

Nuesoft developed the VAR Plus plan after evaluating the types of programs available for practice management software resellers and uncovering the opportunity to serve a unique niche. Other practice management companies structure their compensation programs based on criteria that are dynamic and variable – such as the number of claims filed. VAR Plus is unique in that it offers consistent, guaranteed monthly income to participants.

“Our resellers will be compensated over the lifetime of their NueMD clients, rather than on a transactional basis,” said Nuesoft Technologies President and CEO Massoud Alibakhsh. “This is a radical departure from other reseller payment structures, and we believe it will appeal to many resellers who may be looking for ways to safeguard their business against the current economic downturn.”

Another differentiating feature of the VAR Plus program is that it gives physicians everything they need for practice management functionality in one package. This compares to competing programs where the solution is comprised of multiple products – sometimes from more than one vendor.

“Many resellers are trying to sell an à la carte practice management solution. Their clients choose a clearinghouse and vendors for claims processing, appointment scheduling, and other separate features,” said Alibakhsh. “There are exclusive relationships in the industry among service partners, so depending on which service providers a doctor decides to include in his solution, a reseller may or may not get paid for that service. With NueMD, services are bundled under one umbrella, so resellers have more control over their income.”

Finally, because Nuesoft is an application service provider (ASP), product upgrades and backups to the NueMD application are handled centrally through one of Nuesoft’s remote, secure data centers. This ensures that resellers’ clients are always accessing the most current version of NueMD.

“Selling an ASP is a huge benefit to me,” said Jerry Bean, president of Computer Doctors, an Atlanta-based reseller that plans to add NueMD to his product suite. “With my client server products, I have to download a copy of the upgrade, call each of my 80-plus clients and coordinate times for the upgrade, and then individually install the software and test it for each client on each desktop at their separate practices. I am going to save dozens of hours every year, and this is time I can be spending generating new business.”

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The VAR Plus program is open to any reseller who qualifies, but is ideal for VAR software and service providers who have been primarily reselling client server applications, and want to add an Internet-based system to their product suite.

Additional elements of the new program include comprehensive training and marketing support, priority product enhancement services, ongoing technical support, and a designated account manager for all resellers.

Resellers interested in finding out more about the VAR Plus program should contact Nuesoft Technologies Business Development: David Wilson at (800) 401-7422, ext. 356, or send an e-mail to

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Since 1993, Nuesoft Technologies Inc. has been the leading provider of Internet-based practice management solutions for physicians’ offices, billing companies and university health centers. Nuesoft was one of the first companies to pioneer software as a service (SaaS) and has the datacenter facilities to support secure and HIPAA-compliant application hosting. Currently the company has an established U.S. customer base of more than 15,000 users in 49 states – including 7,000 medical providers from nearly 100 specialties. Nuesoft also serves as an independent clearinghouse, and processes 3.5 million claims transactions per year.