Nuesoft Announces College Health Technology Pathway Program with Point and Click Solutions

Nuesoft Technologies and Point and Click Solutions Partner on New Technology Education Initiative for College Health

Date: June 1, 2011

ATLANTA – Nuesoft Technologies Inc. and Point and Click Solutions, Inc. today announced their collaboration on The College Health Technology Pathway Program, an initiative to educate college health professionals about the risks and flaws of hosted application service provider systems (ASPs), which are not designed for mission critical health care software applications, and thus leave users’ data vulnerable.

“There is a lot of buzz about cloud computing and health information technology right now, and that is very exciting, but there is also a lot of confusion,” said Point and Click CEO David Tan. “Our goal with this partnership is to provide to our clients access to the best cloud based product and the best client server product, without them having to commit to a decision of hosted versus local. This partnership allows sites to decide what works for them now and preserves their investment if they need to make a move later.”

As a cloud computing company, Nuesoft provides wholly Internet-based products that are platform independent and are hosted in ultra secure data centers with distributed architecture, round the clock surveillance and sophisticated fault tolerance and redundancies. Point and Click offers client-server products that can be easily secured and backed up with the help of a university’s information technology (IT) team. While cloud and client server solutions work well for their intended purposes, the partnership’s goal is to shed light on products that try to mimic the features of true Internet architecture under the guise of running in the cloud.

“Hosted ASPs take a client-server and provide users remote access via the Internet. This is akin to putting wings on a car and expecting it to perform like a jet airplane,” said Nuesoft CEO Massoud Alibakhsh. “This is not what a client server is intended to do, and unless they can guarantee the fault tolerance and security protocols in place, you are taking chances with your data.”

The College Health Technology Pathway Program provides a seamless transition for Nuesoft and Point and Click clients who wish to change service providers as their technology needs or financial pictures change.

 “Many of our clients do not have big technology budgets, and this program gives them options and also ensures that they will not make the potentially harmful choice of settling for a hosted ASP solution just because it seems cost effective or because it appears to be Internet-based,” said Alibakhsh.  

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About Nuesoft
Established in 1993, Nuesoft Technologies pioneered cloud computing for the college health market, and has the datacenter facilities to support secure and HIPAA-compliant application hosting. Nuesoft has an established U.S. customer base of more than 15,000 users, and houses and maintains more than 1.5 million student records. Our Nuesoft Xpress™, Nuevita™ and Nuesoft™ Billing Services product divisions meet the diverse needs of professionals in health or counseling centers from campus environments of all sizes and service levels. For more information, visit, or call 800.401.7422, ext. 1.

About Point N’ Click
Point and Click Solutions is the leading Electronic Health Records/Practice Management System (EHR/PMS) provider for college health and counseling centers. For the last 15 years we have been developing an advanced medical and counseling system that today runs at more than 140 college sites, and is used by more than 7,500 users nationwide. Additional solutions include patient web portal, robust reporting and a counseling specific system. For more information, contact, or call us at 781.272.9800.