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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Fall 2006

Welcome From Nuesoft Technologies' CEO

Our goal with e-Nues is to share valuable information about trends in college health, provide tips that will improve your experience with the Nuesoft Xpress product, and give you the latest news about Nuesoft Xpress customers and product features. >> more


Getting Schooled in Security:  Campus IT Professionals Consider ASP Software Solutions to Protect Against Hackers

During the past year, data thieves have compromised computer systems at a myriad of universities, including Ohio University, Notre Dame University, Georgetown University, Western Illinois University and University of Alaska-Fairbanks, leaving many questioning the vulnerabilities of campus networks, and challenging college Information Technology (IT) personnel to find new approaches to securing the personal data of students, faculty and alumni. >> more


Nuesoft Xpress Launches New Web Site

Nuesoft Technologies has unveiled a new Web site for its college health product, Nuesoft Xpress. The new site features information about Nuesoft Xpress products, services and corporate information. >> more


Product Primer

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Corporate News

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