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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Fall 2007

CEO's Column

Welcome to the fall edition of e-Nues, the quarterly newsletter of Nuesoft Xpress. As the temperatures drop and the leaves begin to fall, your thought s may well be turning to the coming season: flu season and budget season, that is – a busy time for most student health centers! >> more


Budget How To

Budget time is just around the corner. As you begin your planning process, follow this simple and effective check list to be sure that your health center’s budget does not come up short in 2008. >> more


Pandemic Flu

It may or may not be H5N1, and it may or may not be on the 1918 scale. What we cannot ignore, however, is the planning that’s needed to prepare for a pandemic flu outbreak. >> more


Roundtables Preview

Beginning next month, Nuesoft Xpress will be hosting a series of hour-long roundtable sessions for college health professionals. These Web and phone-based discussions will be chaired by health and counseling center directors from around the country with expertise in the topic areas. >> more


Ask the Expert

Nuesoft Xpress is pleased to bring you this new feature to our newsletter, where our staff experts answer your questions about student health challenges that can be addressed through a technology solution. >> more


Product Primer

Read on for the latest product news from Nuesoft Xpress, including in this issue:

>> more


Welcome New Clients

We would like to officially welcome these health and counseling centers to our growing family. >> more


Interview with David Mack

Meet new Nuesoft Xpress trainer and father-of-three David Mack, who likes folk music, doesn’t eat ice-cream and watches a lot of Star Wars. >> more