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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Winter 2007

CEO: Web Portals Offer a Whole New Universe for Health and Counseling Centers

If the term "portal" conjures up images from a Star Trek episode, your perception may be indicative of how far removed health and counseling centers are from the technology trends that are sweeping across other segments of college campuses. >> more


CCHIT Emerges as Authority on Electronic Health Records

Just as an FDA certification increases consumer confidence, the Healthcare Information Technology industry is making headway toward the creation of product standards. The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) acts as a stamp of approval on Electronic Health Records (EHRs) or Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). CCHIT certification allows organizations to identify EHR systems that have met the agreed-upon standards, as well as undergone unbiased inspections and rigorous testing. >> more


Maximizing Your Health Center's Performance and Making a Business Case

Successful organizations rely on systematic methods of tracking results and compiling data to effectively demonstrate what has been profitable and beneficial. Measurable results can lead to increased budgets, new resources or even a raise. >> more


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