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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Fall 2008

CEO's Column
Welcome to the fall edition of e-Nues, the quarterly newsletter of Nuesoft Xpress. >> more

How Technology is Changing Interactions Between Health Centers and Students
Traditionally, many college health centers have
been primarily funded by a segregated health fee. However, a growing number have started to offer a student health insurance plan and bill to a single payer directly, partly to address a growing gap between costs and revenue. >> more

Ask the Expert
Nuesoft Xpress staff experts answer your questions about student health challenges that can be addressed through a technology solution. >> more

Fall Scholarship Winners
We're pleased to announce the fall 2008 recipients of our 15-year anniversary scholarships. >> more

Student Health Link
In the upcoming weeks, Nuesoft Xpress will release a new version of its Student Health Link™ portal, which will include a new look and feel, bidirectional messaging capabilities and enhanced usability. >> more

Product Primer
Tips to help clients get the most out of Nuesoft Xpress.

>> more

Welcome New Clients
We are delighted to welcome the following health and counseling centers to our growing family. >> more

Meet the Staff - Shahram Famorzadeh
Meet Shahram Famorzadeh, Nuesoft’s chief technical officer, a self-confessed loud-talking, tea-drinking soccer fan. >> more