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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Spring 2008

CEO's Column

Welcome to the spring edition of e-Nues,the quarterly newsletter of Nuesoft Xpress™. Here at Nuesoft, the signs of spring are unmistakable – the dogwoods are blooming, the evenings are getting longer, and we’re busy with preparations for the fast-approaching American College Health Association conference! >> more


Overcoming Resource Shortages: Creative Solutions for Nurse-Directed Student Health Services

A survey by NYSCHA identified four common challenges for nurse-directed health services — a lack of human and financial resources, a feeling of isolation, difficulties meeting state mandated immunization requirements and difficulties providing a full range of services while remaining within their scope of practice. >> more


Conflicting Data Complicates the Debate About
Smoke-Free Campuses

A smoke-free campus will clearly decrease students’ exposure to second-hand smoke. But will it reduce rates of smoking? Common sense might dictate that it should, but studies concerning the effectiveness of prohibiting smoking in residence halls have had contradictory findings. >> more


Ask the Expert

Nuesoft Xpress™ staff experts answer your questions about student health challenges that can be addressed through a technology solution. >> more


Nuesoft Xpress™ Scholarship Winners

Nuesoft Technologies has announced the spring 2008 recipients of its 15-year Anniversary Scholarships, designed to celebrate the company’s fifteenth year of service in college health. Five schools were awarded with an in-kind-donation up to $15,000 of Nuesoft Xpress™ health center management software.
>> more


Annoucing Nuesoft Technologies' Blog

We would like to introduce you to the newly-launched
Nuesoft Web log, or “blog”, a service aimed at keeping the health care community updated with corporate and industry news. >> more


Release Recap

Nuesoft Technologies is excited to announce the release of Nuesoft Xpress™ Version 3.07. The new version features a coding module and advanced electronic chart management, plus enhancements to existing modules. >> more


ACHA Preview

The 2008 American College Health Association conference in June will be the backdrop to a number of Nuesoft Xpress™ events for clients and other attendees alike. >> more


Product Primer

Try this tip to help you get the most out of your Nuesoft Xpress™ system and stay HIPAA compliant. >> more


Welcome New Clients

We would like to officially welcome these health and counseling centers to our growing family. >> more


Meet the Staff - Rosette Clockel

Meet Rosette Clockel, client services representative, who would like to meet George Clooney, is always on the phone, and can execute a very graceful arabesque!>> more