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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Summer 2008

CEO's Column
Welcome to the spring edition of e-Nues, the quarterly newsletter of Nuesoft Xpress. >> more

Student Health Insurance: Closing the Budget Gap?
Traditionally, many college health centers have
been primarily funded by a segregated health fee. However, a growing number have started to offer a student health insurance plan and bill to a single payer directly, partly to address a growing gap between costs and revenue. >> more

Suicide Prevention: Taking an Integrated Approach
Suicide is the second leading cause of death in college-aged students. This article focuses on using an integrated approach between departments to address the problem. >> more

Ask the Expert
Nuesoft Xpress staff experts answer your questions about student health challenges that can be addressed through a technology solution. >> more

Call for Scholarship Applicants
Nuesoft is now seeking applicants for the fall round of its 15-year anniversary scholarship program . >> more

Nuesoft Xpress at ACHA: Party Under the Palms
We observed Nuesoft’s 15-year anniversary in student health at the American College Health Association (ACHA) conference in Orlando, Fla. in June. >> more

Product Primer
Tips to help clients get the most out of Nuesoft Xpress.

>> more

Welcome New Clients
We are delighted to welcome the following health and counseling centers to our growing family. >> more

Meet the Staff - Justin Grant
Meet Justin Grant, sales representative for Nuesoft Xpress, who loves pizza and golf, has a renewed appreciation for life jackets, and answers to the moniker “Tall Guy”. >> more