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Nuesoft Xpress™ e-Nues: Winter 2008

CEO's Column

Welcome to the winter edition of e-Nues, the quarterly newsletter of Nuesoft Xpress. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Nuesoft Technologies. They say that time goes faster as you get older – it hardly seems possible that we started out in college health a decade and a half ago. >> more



The acronyms HIPAA and FERPA tend to strike fear into the hearts of the staunchest of college health professionals. Read our six golden rules of privacy law and find out what you can do to avoid conflicts between your principles as a care provider and the law. >> more


Health Center Grants - Nuesoft Xpress Scholarship Program

2008 marks Nuesoft Technologies’ 15th anniversary. When we started thinking about how to celebrate the last decade and a half, we wanted to find a way to recognize the part that college health and counseling centers have played in our success.
>> more


Ask the Expert

Nuesoft Xpress staff experts answer your questions about student health challenges that can be addressed through a technology solution. >> more


Roundtable Review

January is traditionally a time for seasonal flu, but last month’s Nuesoft Xpress College Health Roundtable proved that a different strain of Influenza is foremost in the minds of college health professionals. >> more


Release Preview

In a few weeks, Nuesoft Technologies will be releasing the next version of Nuesoft Xpress. Highlights of Version 3.07 include a Collections Module, durable medical equipment billing and the ability to access current and historic Medicare and Medicaid data sets. >> more


Product Primer

If you do not have an EMR but would like to include a note within a patient’s record, try this hot tip from Nuesoft Xpress. >> more


Welcome New Clients

We would like to officially welcome these health and counseling centers to our growing family. >> more


Meet the Staff - Sharon McKnight

Meet the manager of Nuesoft's support team, Sharon McKnight, who has the best shoe collection at Nuesoft, loves Oprah and remembers everyone’s birthday. >> more