FDA Regulation of EHRs and the Implications for Your Practice.

Reducing Liability and Improving Employee Satisfaction through Strong HR Policies.

Date: August 2, 2011

Not having well defined hiring and human resource practices and policies can expose your medical practice to unnecessary operational and financial risks, and have an impact on employee and patient satisfaction and well being. Tune in to this podcast for insights and best practices related to the HR side of medical practice management.

Denise Zoe Gillen Algire, MBA, RN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN, practice leader for Risk Navigation Group.

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Bio: Denise Zoe Gillen Algire MBA, RN, COHN-S/CM, FAAOHN is the practice leader for Risk Navigation Group and a healthcare executive with nearly 20 years in the medical practice management and insurance industries, including roles as a practice administrator and medical management executive. In addition to her experience consulting with medical practices about how to minimize risk and design effective HR policies, her specialties include business process engineering, strategic planning, team building and leadership, development and implementation of clinical quality programs, litigation support and expert witness testimony, cost containment/managed care program design, and provider network analysis.