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ROI-Based Practice Analysis

Learn to maximize profitability, analyze revenue from payers, and improve cash flow for your practice. Do you know which insurance company is the most profitable?  Do you know which associate generates the most profit?  Do you know how much cash your practice generates on a monthly basis?  Learn how to manage your practice to maximize profit margins. This podcast will cover the ways your practice can improve ROI and cash flow through a cost-benefit analysis.

Amanda Harley, MBA; President; Black Label Strategies

Bio: Amanda Harley is the founder and president of Black Label Strategies in Atlanta, GA.  She has an MBA with a concentration in finance from Pepperdine University.  Black Label Strategies maximizes profitability and immediately improves cash flow for clients. As an outsourced financial expert, Amanda develops and implements financial strategies that boost financial performance in the short and long term.

If you are interested in developing a plan to improve your practices' cash flow please contact Black Label Strategies.