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Buyer's Guide: Selecting a Practice Management System

Download the Vendor Integration Guide

Before purchasing a practice management system for your practice, you should read this Buyer's Guide to help identify important criteria you should consider, including:

  • Benefits of selecting an integrated system that offers both practice management software and an EHR
  • How to determine key features you will need now and for the future
  • Critical questions you must ask each vendor to be certain the software is well suited for your practice
  • How to develop a comparison worksheet to use in evaluating systems

Outsource or Build it Yourself? RCM Considerations for Your Practice

Download the Revenue Cycle Management Guide

Efficient billing is a critical element to the financial success of a medical practice. Deciding who owns this function, either internally or externally, is is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. This guide:

  • Takes you through the key elements of your revenue cycle, and
  • Helps determine if you have efficient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or if you would see a benefit outsourcing to a third-party billing service.

10 Simple Steps to Finding Your Practice Management System

Download 10 Steps to find Your Practive Management System

There is no perfect practice management system, but finding the right one for your practice or billing company doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. This guide:

  • Helps you decide on desired functions,
  • Sets guidelines for creating a realistic timeline,
  • points our considerations for the future.

Benchmarking: How to Make the Best Decisions for Your Practice

Download the Benchmarking Guide

This guide outlines ways to use the art of benchmarking as a strategic management tool to measure your effectiveness against key industry standards.  Discover the benefits of:

  • Operational and revenue benchmarking,
  • Setting realistic goals and Staying in compliance, and
  • People power!

Making Sense of Meaningful Use: How to Qualify for EHR Incentive Programs

Download 10 Steps to find Your Practive Management System

Do You Qualify for Meaningful Use Incentives? In this guide you will learn:

  • Specific eligibility requirements and Attestation steps,
  • Key differences between Medicare and Medicaid incentives, and
  • Ways EHR software can streamline processes.

Bridging the Gap: Managing a Smoother Vendor Integration

Download the Vendor Integration Guide

If you can't find a vendor that offers both a perfect electronic medical records (EMR) and a robust practice management product at an affordable price, you might decide on an integration – a bridge that links products from two different vendors using an industry standard coding language. This guide will help you:

  • choose vendors with integration experience, and
  • incorporate a project management approach.