NueMD Cardiology Medical Billing Services and Revenue Cycle Management from Nuesoft

Cardiology Medical Billing Services

NueMD® Medical Billing Services combines our dynamic  electronic health record and practice management software with Nuesoft’s sophisticated team of medical billers and coders for a trusted, affordable cardiology medical billing service that increases revenue and improves efficiency for your practice.

Because it encompasses a multitude of complex procedures, cardiology medical billing – coupled with the patient collections process – is particularly detailed. Without proper, ongoing education and training in cardiology billing (including in-depth knowledge of relevant subspecialties), and software that includes comprehensive billing functionality, cardiology practices are at risk to lose revenue and face increased potential for a compliance audit.

Why cardiologists like NueMD Medical Billing Services:

  • Expertise about best practices related to cardiovascular and cardiography procedural codes, including HCPCS and modifiers
  • Robust cloud-based medical billing system/electronic health record with advanced claim scrubbing capability (more than 10 million edits of current and historic coding and compliance data sets)
  • Ability to submit both UB04 and CMS-1500 claims
  • ICD-10 and HIPAA compliant software and systems
  • In-depth, real-time reports addressing cardiology insurance billing requirements and insurance follow up
Free Revenue Cycle Assessment

Click the button above for a free revenue cycle management white paper and RCM assessment tool to help you determine whether or not your cardiology practice may benefit from outsourcing its' billing. Or listen to our podcasts related to medical billing: