NueMD Medical Practice Management Software

Patient Encounters

NueMD offers a robust yet flexible method to record encounters, allowing you to tailor your EHR to your practice's workflow, not the other way around. NueMD features a variety of encounter types and an extensive library of templates tailored to your specialty, but you can also import your existing flowsheets and create new ones at any time. Choose to input information either using a tree structure or notes, with the option of pre-populating clinical information for maximum ease of use.

Quickly record every aspect of an encounter:

  • History of Present Illness (HPI)
  • Past history in either structured (checkbox) or note form
  • Allergies and medication history
  • Review of Systems (ROS)
  • Vital signs
  • Physical exam in structured, note and image form
  • Assessments, medications and prescriptions
  • Disposition, patient instructions and a narrative plan

Once you have finished the encounter, you can send a copy to other providers or insurance companies electronically or in printed form. NueMD uses the structured data you have input to automatically calculate E&M service level coding.