NueMD Medical Practice Management Software

e-Prescribing & e-Labs

NueMD’s electronic interfaces with labs and pharmacies allow your practice to simplify its workflow.


Our e-prescribing feature allows providers to build prescriptions for patients within their chart with just a few clicks and transmit them electronically to pharmacies. Eliminate errors caused by illegible handwriting, receive automatic refill requests and ensure patients get their prescription filled without delay.

With the e-prescribing feature, you can:

  • Instantly transmit prescriptions to e-prescription enabled pharmacies, or electronically fax to pharmacies not yet receiving e-prescribing
  • Maintain a list of the patient's favorite pharmacies
  • Search by zip code or city for a list of pharmacies in the patient's area
  • Keep a favorite medication list, including strength and form, or use the master list of medications to choose medication and dosage quickly and simply
  • Process refill requests in a matter of seconds


Minimize data entry and eliminate misplaced results. Using an HL7 results interface, you can order lab tests and receive the results directly within NueMD, with abnormal results flagged for attention. Sign and route the results to other practice users, or electronically attach the results to the patient’s chart in one simple step.