NueMD Medical Practice Management Software

Medical Scheduling Software

Track patients and appointments. Send appointment reminders. Reduce no-shows.

Medical Scheduling Software

Manage schedules across multpile physicans, offices, and days of the week. Track patients from arrival to departure and receive real-time updates on co-pays and cancellations. Reduce no-shows by 30 percent with appointment reminder calls.

  • Keep scheduling simple and organized with an intutive interface
  • Create new patients quickly and automatically scan for available appointments
  • See schedule changes in real-time on your mobile device


Patient Registration

Centralize patient info from the first encounter. Gather demographic, medical history, and payment info. Easily update payor info when patients change insurance.

Appointment Reminder Service

Reduce no-shows with our appointment reminder service. Don’t waste time dialing; let our automated service send phone call or text reminders for you.

Customizable Settings

Customize appointment settings based on physician, time increments, appointment reason, and patient status.

Patient Tracking

Follow patients from check-in to visit to departure. Use color-coding to track patients, physicians, and appointment status.

Form Builder

Tailor our software to your needs. Create your own labels, forms, and patient letters. Organize all appointment information to keep your office running smoothly.