NueMD Medical Practice Management Software

Patient Statements and Collections

NueMD's Statement Processing and Collections modules give you better control over patient balances and past-due accounts. View and send easy-to-understand patient statements, broken down by visit, minimize outstanding patient co-pays, and keep an audit of your collections activity.

Statement Processing Module highlights:

  • Limit calls to your office with NueMD's easy-to-understand statements, showing transactions broken down by visit
  • Choose between sending statements to the patient or the responsible party
  • Sort patient statements by account balance amount or alphabetically
  • Report on cash flow and delinquent payments with the touch of a button
  • Add predefined messages to delinquent accounts to aid in the collection process

Save time and resources by transmitting your statements through NueMD. Let us print, fold, stuff and mail patient statements for you! With three different styles, you can even choose the format that best fits your practice.

Collections Management highlights:

  • Automatically print letters to patients with outstanding balances
  • Generate account-aged reports to prioritize collections
  • Assign accounts to a collection agency
  • Create payment plans and promises
  • Customize letter templates