Psychiatric Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Psychiatrists

Psychiatric Practice Management Software and Electronic Health Record

NueMD® is the leading Internet-based medical billing, EHR and practice management software solution for psychiatrists. Our affordable system lets you focus on caring for your patients, while streamlining each stage of the encounter. Quickly and easily create clinical notes and access a patient's past history in our charting module. NueMD eliminates hassle, reduces data entry, and improves workflow.

Features of NueMD's psychiatric practice management software include:

Because our servers are housed at our data centers rather than at your office, you can access your data quickly and securely from anywhere with an Internet connection, whether you're using a Mac or PC. With our system, you can stay HIPAA-compliant and keep your records safe without buying any extra hardware or worrying about IT maintenance or backups. NueMD also offers a robust EHR as well as a variety of seamless integrations with other EMR and EHR vendors.

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