Nuesoft Xpress Clinic Management Software

Immunization Compliance Manager

Available for health centers, the Nuesoft Xpress™ Immunization Compliance Manager can eliminate up to two thirds of the work required for managing the immunization process.

Our system:

  • Identifies the immunization status of every student on campus.
  • Allows for customized compliance requirements based on school and state regulations, or other parameters.
  • Automatically generates letters to students who are non-compliant or require a reminder.
  • Identifies groups of students that require specific immunizations, such as health sciences students who require a Measles/Mumps/Rubella shot.
  • Exports status information to the registrar’s office.

Empowering you to keep students healthy

The Immunization Compliance Manager works with the Nuesoft Xpress Student Health Link to automatically notify students of immunization compliance status so that you can greatly improve your compliance rates, proactively manage disease outbreaks and promote student health.