Nuesoft Xpress Clinic Management Software

Nuesoft Xpress™ Student Health Link™

Student Health Link provides students with a direct electronic link to your health center system, significantly minimizing the amount of student communications required by your staff.

Features of Student Health Link include:

  • A secure, password-protected environment to transmit messages to students
  • Space for educational information on health-related topics, or for messages pertaining to health alerts (e.g. Mumps outbreak, Alcohol Awareness Month, etc.)
  • Automatic notifications about immunizations and appointments
  • A customizable banner to include your school and clinic logos

Empowering students to maintain their health

Student Health Link is HIPAA compliant, and easy to use, and students can securely update their personal information, schedule or cancel appointments, and even add new immunization records any time through this convenient Web site.

What’s more, unlike other systems that require you to copy appointment e-mail requests into student records, our Student Health Link is completely real time. This means appointment changes are instantly updated in the Nuesoft Xpress system.

† Immunization records added by students still need formal verification by the designated health center before compliancy is determined.