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Medical Billers

NueMD offers an affordable, simple and comprehensive medical billing software solution for servicing medical practices.  There are no expensive servers or equipment to buy with our cloud-based, secure and HIPAA-compliant software.  Provide quick and detailed reports on revenue trends, claims and payment status to clients.  Medical billing companies love NueMD because it offers:

Get 99% Acceptance on first submission

  • Access to practice info anywhere, any time with the cloud
  • A HIPAA-compliant clearinghouse with same day processing
  • Accelerated reimbursements with advanced claim scrubbing
  • Close to 100% claims acceptance on first submission
  • Super-user capabilities, allowing access to several clients' accounts simultaneously.

Nuesoft Certified Medical Biller Program!

Become a Nuesoft Certified Biller

We are seeking eligible medical billing companies to join our qualified team. Be part of a trusted, affordable program that significantly increases your payer reimbursement and reduces your risk. Click here to learn more.