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NueMD Reviews

  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft client Michael Seyfried, M.D. of Family Practice Associates in Atlanta talks about his experiences with NueMD medical practice management software.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft client Lynn Day of Mt. Vernon Family Medicine in Atlanta talks about her experiences with NueMD.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft clients at Atlanta ENT, Sinus and Allergy Associates share their how easy-to-use NueMD is.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft clients Liz Rosbury and Julie Nobles of Premiere Medical Billing in Warner Robbins, GA share their experience with NueMD.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft client Ronda Najjar of Dacula Family Practice talks about her experience with NueMD.
  • "For practices seeking a lot of functionality at a reasonable price, NueMD is a great option. We've been extremely pleased with the quality of the product."
    - Matt Silverberg, Office Manager, Jorge Priesto M.D., Evanston, Ill.
  • "I have used several different billing programs - none of which can compare to the simplicity and efficiency of NueMD."
    - Sue Allis, Laxson Medical Billing Solutions, Austin, Texas
  • "A low-cost, highly efficient way to run a practice."
    - Neil Notaroberto, M.D., Eyecare 20/20, Harahan, La.
  • Practice management software and EHR review.
  • Medical billing software review.
  • Medical billing software review (#12): "This software is also considered as ‘no-nonsense’ medical billing software which addresses the needs of the medical practice directly."

NueMD Billing Services Reviews

  • "Our net payments have increased by 40 percent, and the transparency between our office and the service has far exceeded our expectations."
    - Renee Drabik, Billing Services Client, Practice Administrator, Cadillac Urology in Cadillac, Mich.
  • "We had never outsourced our billing before and were not sure what to expect, but the move to NueMD has been completely smooth and seamless, and the access to experts and additional resources has made me feel very comfortable. Our practice is definitely running more efficiently with NueMD."
    - Daniel Acosta, M.D., Practice Owner, Carolina Comprehensive, Psychiatric Services, Greenville, N.C.

Student Health Reviews

  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft client Melissa Santander, RN, BSN, of Queens University of Charlotte talks about her experiences with Nuesoft Xpress college health clinic management software.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft clients Edythe-Anne Cook and Daniel Bruey of American University talk about their experiences with Nuesoft Xpress™.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft clients Esther Horst and Lori Stine from the College of Wooster discuss how Nuesoft Xpress streamlines their health center.
  • Video testimonial - Nuesoft clients Sharon Land and Marilyn Hamel of Oberlin College discuss how Nuesoft’s Immunization Compliance Manager and monthly reports help run their clinic.
  • "The Nuesoft sales representative made all the difference. He was knowledgeable and courteous to the staff at all times. Most importantly, he offered to be accessible even by cell phone. He made a personal connection. Our staff likes the system and I believe having such support has made the real difference for us."
    - Marcia Adler, Director of Student Health Services, University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • "Nuesoft exceeded our expectations. It helps us to streamline our processes, makes me a more organized director, keeps us ahead of the curve in college health, and ensures the health center department is indispensable to Spelman College. We could not live without it."
    - Brenda Dalton, MBA, MSN, RN-C, WHNP, Director, Department of Student Health Services, Spelman College
  • "The IT department was initially involved with the upload of registration data from the campus (Banner) system to the Nuesoft Xpress system. I was pleased with the ease of implementation. IT has spent less than three days total since the start and we have not been involved in support since then."
    - Cletus Rickert, Director of Information Systems, Villanova University
  • "When we request help, the response is quick, knowledgeable, courteous, and right on."
    - Jean Grant, MS, ANP, Coordinator of Clinical Service, SUNY Oswego
  • "We have been using the Nuesoft scheduling system for more than five years now and are very happy with the product. Last year we added the online scheduling module with great success, and we will be implementing patient billing services beginning July 1, 2011. The customer service is quite responsive to our specific needs, and I recommend Nuesoft’s services to other universities and private medical practices as a very cost effective option in today’s economic climate."
    - Eileen Guttman, MS, CNP, Supervisor of CSU Health & Wellness Services, Cleveland State University
  • "Nuesoft has been a part of our clinic operations since 2005. Since we have been a customer of Nuesoft, our accounts receivables are always up to date and we have actually seen an almost 50 percent decrease in past due payments."
    - Sheryl McKelvey, Business Manager/Senior Administrative Specialist, Wichita State