Security Benefits of internet based medical billing, EHR and practice management software


At Nuesoft, our commitment is to provide you with a practice management solution that gives you the highest level of security possible. There are several Web-enabled medical management Application Service Providers (ASPs) on the market today, but Nuesoft’s medical billing software and electronic medical record (EHR) software products are Internet-based. That means that they are not delivered through your browser, but via a direct connection from your workstation to a highly protected environment using the Internet as a conduit. Our technology creates a secure pipeline that transports data past the cluttered, busy World Wide Web, allowing you to avoid contact with viruses, spyware, SPAM, and other unwanted Web browser traffic. Our system operates in the same environment commonly used by the Defense Department and Federal Reserve to handle their information transfers.

Internet Security

All data stored in Nuesoft’s products is encrypted using 128 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an industry standard in data encryption. Algorithms scramble data so that unauthorized users cannot view it, keeping your patient data safe from data pirates or hackers.

Data and Network Security

As an ASP, Nuesoft has multiple servers in multiple structures throughout the country. Our storage servers are configured according to Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) architecture for full mirror – a hardware-based technique that copies data across several hard drives and provides for its live, automatic recovery if it is lost. In addition, we continuously perform backups, security and fault tolerance checks. Transaction log backups are conducted every three hours. We conduct differential backups each day, and full backups multiple times each week. Additionally, the data in one location is replicated in real-time to at least one other data center at a different geographic location, where it is kept in an architecturally identical storage server with all the backup and maintenance provisions. For network security, all database servers are stored behind firewalls in private domains inaccessible via the public network. These servers have no network connections to the outside world. The data is retrieved upon request from clients via application servers that also sit behind firewalls. These application servers have only a handful of proprietary ports that are used by Nuesoft applications, significantly reducing the chance of a network security breach.

Physical Security

Your data is stored at ultra secure data centers, with 24-7 security guards, visual and biometric identification, 100 percent Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) coverage, access controlled elevators, and locked cages.

System Administration

Nuesoft has set up controls to prevent unauthorized users from accessing and altering data. Our products contain preventive controls to alert a user when he or she is altering any data that requires integrity. User permissions set by an administrator determine who can access, view, add, delete and alter pertinent information. Detective controls, such as audit trails, are in place to detect failures in preventive controls. Users can be removed upon termination of employment in your office.

HIPAA Compliance

Nuesoft represents and warrants that to its knowledge all of our products are substantially HIPAA-compliant, as such terms are defined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). In addition, Nuesoft will comply with all HIPAA requirements concerning the use, transmission, and storage of patient-related information. We track the federal regulations and laws governing health information technology, and if changes occur, we upgrade our system, ensuring that you are constantly in compliance.