Why Internet based practice management software and EHR systems are better than web based alternatives

Internet vs. Web-based Practice Management Software and EHR

There are many Web-based (or "browser-based") practice management and medical billing software solutions on the market today, but very few Internet-based practice management systems. If you thought the Web was the same thing as the Internet, read on!

The Internet is an electronic network connecting your computer with other computers throughout the world. The World Wide Web is a collection of related documents and other files, along wtih a series of standards for fetching them, and a browser program for displaying them. The reason that many people think they are the same is because the Web uses the Internet to transport documents and files. But if you compare Internet-based software and Web-based software, there's a big difference in performance.

Advantages of Internet-based practice management:

  • More flexible
    Internet-based applications like NueMD can run on PCs and Macs. Web-based applications will only work on one type of browser, on one operating system.

  • More secure
    Internet-based applications like NueMD can create a secure private platform between you and your data. Web-based applications transmit data across the public, forum of the World Wide Web, leaving you more vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

  • Faster
    Internet-based applications like NueMD perform as though they're running on your own network. Web-based systems are limited by the browser on which they rely, and tend to have slower connection times.

More information about the difference between Internet-based and Web-based applications can be found in our technology fact sheet and in the video below.